More of my just comfy appeal <3 

Jeans were thrifted, the tee is liz claiborne, and boy do I love my oxfords <3

I’m taking my senior thesis classes this year and am I nervous!!!! I’ve no idea really what to do and its killing me. I want to be an artist more than anything else on this earth, but I get so scared when starting a project. I have a few ideas dealing either with my body/ others bodies or just human interactions and delving even more to what makes us vulnerable or come together as people.

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I’ve been hiding a lot recently and so many of you have been crazy supportive. One of the strongest women in my life passed and with school starting back up and a few other things I’ve just been too drained to keep my blog rolling. I’m sorry, but I’m going to try to start making my come back now.

As a lot of you know I was featured on buzz feed for their fatkini article which is pretty cool and I had another bathing suit photo used in a newspaper in cali by someone who was writing about the same thing. I’ll have to let you all see it once I get a copy!

I’ve been wearing a lot of basics recently. Just tshirt, tanks, jeans, and shorts. Nothing fancy, but I’m all about the comfy this summer <3 
I’ve gained some weight back and I kno there is nothing wrong with that but it scares me at the same time. I would like to stay the weight I’ve been for the last year. Any changes to more or less I’m not sure I could handle right now. 

I really hope you all are doing well and I really need to get my head focused on my art again <3

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sometimes i feel like the only fat girls who are considered stylish are the ones who can consistently afford expensive clothes.

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Messy room selfies :D one of my favorite vintage thrift store finds that i turned into a cute swing dress

Just bought my very first mattress and bed :D I feel so adult

My favorite boy :D I always miss him so much. #vscocam

On my way back to Richmond. Got to see some of the best babes in the world and remember my aunt, celebrate her life, and spend time with so many people her life touched. This trip was bitter sweet, but I loved every minute I got to spend with the awesome people I love.

I’ve kind of been a side boob queen all day.

I’m hiding from everyone for personal reason. Really needed some me time, but I’m starting to be okay. Thank you all you amazing peeps who continue to follow me <3


Yooo I went to school with her. Please #repost this #DC #dmv #md #va

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Another favorite place in #rva Strawberry street market. So many speciality sodas to try!

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