Hey! I’m doing this in the compass again on friday (tomorrow)! It’ll be a little different though :p

Come out friday April 17 around Noon and help this art student out here at VCU. 

Hair just won’t stop being uncontrollable

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Today has been one of the hardest of days!

I could really use some hugs


i think sexism in rock music is definitely something that should be addressed but the only genre that ever gets slammed for misogyny is rap I wonder why

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Let me explain sexuality to you



Through gifs.

Everyone gets straight and gay, so I’m leaving those out.







You are now informed.

Actually, this really clears it up for me.

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can someone write a book about this

people who track wishes and assign agents to make them happen

like a sci-fi fairy godmother sort of thing

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One of the scariest things I have ever done. Letting over 100 people write what makes them vulnerable on my body. Photos by me: Jessica Berry. 

Still not done with this project, but here it is again updated. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow as I walk into critique. Idk if I can handle another really bad one before I just give up and I really don’t want to. Oh goodness. 

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New zine “spam” $5 per copy. Spamsnikon@gmail.com

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Objects Of Power

I studied animation at uni but apparently I didn’t learn anything because this is super basic and yet it took me forever!

I used to have one of these Mybelle transparent phones and I LOVED it super hard. Wish I still had it.

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The start of my “What makes you feel vulnerable?” project.

It was scary as hell, but goodness was it really rewarding feeling at the same time. I kind of want to spend an entire day doing this again. I will keep you all informed as I continue this work over the week.

If you haven’t answered yet: What makes you feel vulnerable?

#rva #sunset #sky #skyline

Hey people, What makes you feel Vulnerable?

I need more answers! It will be used anonymously for an art project I am working on <3