Yooo I went to school with her. Please #repost this #DC #dmv #md #va

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Another favorite place in #rva Strawberry street market. So many speciality sodas to try!

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#rva harrison street cafe is my new favorite place. Someone take me out to lunch so I have the excuse to go again :)

Rainy days are my favorite #rva


Some tweets about #NMOS14 and people all over standing in solidarity with #Ferguson

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I know someone said it before, but keep in mind that Aljazeera is international, it’s based in Qatar. They tear gassed an international news crew and here they are most likely destroying their footage.

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Palestinians are coming to the aid of Ferguson

Palestinian activists are taking to Twitter with their support and some cases, helpful tips on dealing with things like tear gas.

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Shout out to Al Jazeera straight up showing a video of their reporters getting tear gassed during a live interview of the Ferguson police chief denying that they are tear gassing journalists.

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if anything I reblog is overstepping my bounds as a white person at all please let me know

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Ferguson Police shot this girl in the head last night for posting the Mike Brown issue on Facebook

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My favorite thrift store find. Another #selfportrait #selfie #fatshion #effyourbeautystandards


This is my pose. I need to find another but i can’t break it ah!!! but here is a sneak peak at my most recent ootd’s that will hopefully be posted soon. 

I’m a big tshirt girl at times. I can’t help it, they are so comfy :D


double the trouble

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