Someone very close to me passed away last evening. I’ve done a pretty good job and keeping myself busy, made a tribute to her, she was an amazing lady that shaped my life with her love in many ways. 

I like to think I’m doing okay, but then I realize I haven’t eaten since I’ve heard the news. I don’t know what drives me to solitude, but my sisters right. I do tend to grieve quietly and alone. 

I’m not really one to overly share, but the few of you who messaged me. I can’t thank you enough. Just your kind words and thoughts are the sweetest things and I am so thankful for them and for tumblr bringing you amazing sweet people into my life <3



Free Figure's Black Power Rally at VCU!


So many reasons why I love moving here and attending VCU! All amazing and all babes.

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This is about all I do. I’m so cool :/ haha #adventuretime #food

Cooking some fucking badass squash. Look at that sexy masterful cook. Whoa.

My new kitchen. Breaking it in with some booty dancin with a knife. 

Finally got my butt in the VMFA yesterday. I’ve only seen some of the collection there (I take a long time in museums. I like to sit and just look) These works were my favorite, but there are so many amazing things!!! So many. Artists:Julian Schnabel, Robert Morris, and can’t remember

OOTD: Everything was thrifted of course! Except the shorts which are from american eagle. 

What’s your favorite museums?


a weekend of love and eye fancies.
(february, 2014)

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For anon! My boobs don’t exactly fit into this top, but I have a hard time fitting into anything button up. I’m still cute in it though. 

Everything was thrifted except for the denim top which was from walmart.

I did some thinking and rummaging through my own closet. I don’t have a knee length white skirt, but I do have an ankle length cream thing. I put it on and started playing around! I ended up with denim and a brown twisted belt to match the shoes! I love denim, white, and brown. 

You could also probably just throw on a brown tank, top, or crop top too! Or if you have a brown purse you could probably grab any color top and go! Blue or green would probably be really cute.

I like to tuck tops/things in or twist it off to the side, but that’s cause I have an obsession with having a little belly peak and trying to show my waist line. I took some photos go the outfit I put together as well! Will be posting those right after this. 

I hope that helps!!!

Someone very close to me is about to pass. I’m not exactly going to be feeling myself for awhile and I seem to have started fighting with my bf again which isn’t helping. 

Please be patient with me these next few weeks. I will try to post as much as normal, but I’ve already been failing at that this last week. So I thought I’d at least let you all know. 


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the future was woman by Harri Peccinotti

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Zombie and mini kind of day :D Shirts from threadless and skirt was thrifted!

I need to actually break out my camera soon so it’s not just lame cam pics. Hope everyone is having a decent monday!