It’s so nice out today!!! and I found one of my old ear cuffs jewelry things. 


if u think depression or anxiety is “quirky” or “cute” you can have mine because I dont wanna deal with it

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Prints like whoa. I’m tired.

Architecture of Density (by Michael Wolf)

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omg <3

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Nan Goldin

'Odalisque', 2011.

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SZA | Warm Winds

pefectbbwomg Please take down my photo. If you had your ask enabled I would have sent this there, but I would like for you to remove my photo from your blog. 

I don’t want my art used as porn. 



Back in my day the teachers didn’t have nice laptops, they pulled this shit out and sat it on some unfortunate kids desk 



I need some of these. Like a need them. The one I had got busted :(

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I need more fat black women in fantasy settings being loved, cherished and adored.

I want fat black witches and their incubi lovers.

I want fat black queens ruling

I want fat black women warriors kicking ass

I want fat black women in romantic comedy shows and movies

I want fat black women in noir pieces

I want fat black women in space

I want all the fat black women in all the things

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I think it’s really sad that 99% of compliments given to women are to celebrate their conformance to patriarchal beauty standards.

"you look good! you look thin today" Can’t tell you how much that one pisses me off and I get it so often…

and my mothers favorite! “you’re so pretty! Good thing you are chubby or we would have boys knocking down the door.” 

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